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The movie shows how a Seventh-Day Adventist, Desmond Doss, who wanted to join the military but refused to carry a weapon still saved over 50 people during to battle of Okinawa, even after everyone told him cruel things and bullied him over his beliefs. Desmond had been approached by many producers and directors asking to use his story for a film. Desmond has canceled past filming projects because of the association of the truth and his beliefs. Desmond legally authorized.

Desmond Doss Thesis Statement

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The Hacksaw Ridge is a movie that elaborates on the encounter of Desmond Doss an American combat medic in the battlefield during World War II and his unprecedented but bold move to step out and offer his services at the first line of war Walton, The movie was written by Andrew Knight and Robert Schenkken and directed by Mel Gibson who successfully led to its production in The story line in the film, is a breathtaking experience of a military medic with strong Christian values, more precisely, the seventh commandment the states; thou shall not kill. To remain loyal to Gods commandments and his faith, Doss refuses to carry a weapon throughout the war. On the other hand, being patriotic to his country and the medical profession, he has to offer medical help and evacuation of injured soldiers out of the battlefield. Therefore, he is engaged in the act of war as a first line combat medic of the US Army.

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Doss refused to wield a weapon or harm another person. For this, his commanding officer had him court-martialed and attempted to expel him from the military. Because of his heroic efforts, Doss became the first Conscientious Objector in American history to be awarded the Medal of Honor. This would seem like a given, even if he were to never shoot the gun.
This quote is used to conceal truth because it conceals the truth behind death. Billy Pilgrim, after visiting the Tralfamadorians, no longer believes in death, but rather in an unending loop of life. Kurt Vonnegut hides this truth in the book because war tends to depict death as common and normal, and this is how BIlly perceives it; rather than death being a morbid and sorrowful occurrence in people's life. A Long Way Gone shows us a story of revenge when a young boy gets swept up in a war after his family is killed at only twelve years old. Ishmael Beah in the novel A Long Way Gone illustrates that revenge is never the answer when he joins the army out of spite, loses his humanity in the war and struggles to forgive himself after his journey.

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