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For example, suppose you are looking into a piano at the array of hammers and strings. There will be a way these things look to you when you see them: they will look to have a certain shape, color, texture, and arrangement relative to one another, among other things. Your visual experience conveys to you that the piano has these features. If your experience is illusory in some respect then the piano won't really have all those features.

Physics (PHYS)

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The bolded first line begins with a capitalized abbreviation that designates the subject area followed by the course number and title. The unit value is also displayed. See the course description for details. Cultural Pluralism requirement. GWR: Indicates the course will satisfy the Graduation Writing Requirement, if the student earns a grade of C or better AND receives certification of proficiency in writing based on a word in-class essay.

Magneto-optical trap

In physics, the Mach—Zehnder interferometer is a device used to determine the relative phase shift variations between two collimated beams derived by splitting light from a single source. The interferometer has been used, among other things, to measure phase shifts between the two beams caused by a sample or a change in length of one of the paths. The apparatus is named after the physicists Ludwig Mach the son of Ernst Mach and Ludwig Zehnder ; Zehnder's proposal in an article [1] was refined by Mach in an article. The Mach—Zehnder check interferometer is a highly configurable instrument.
Close to current challenges in preventive medicine, diagnostics, therapy and disease management, ARTORG contributes to improved clinical care through scientific discovery, deep learning technology, simulation of physiological processes and the development of novel medical devices and applications for surgery and rehabilitation. Up to date, researchers mostly use 2D cell culture platforms to study the biology of the vasculature of the lung. More about the study…. Further details Results could help to better understand the origin of the increased bone fragility of the inheritable, genetic and collagen-related disorder.

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