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Willy entirely disregards Bernard and only cares about Bi Willy throughout the course of the play, daydream he is conversing with his successful brother Ben. Willy memories of Ben, are a constant reminder of how he falls short of his American Dream. This quote shows how Willy strives his whole life to make a home for his family and by the time he sees the realization of that one dream, his family has drifted apart and he is alone with his haunting thoughts and his ghosts. Willy has such high expectations for himself and his sons, and when they all failed to accomplish their dreams, they were unable to accept each other for what they truly were. Willy raised Biff with the idea that success depends on whether or not a person can sell himself and not how smart a person is.

Arthur Miller's Play 'Death of a Salesman'

Death Of A Salesman Analysis - Words | Cram

Willy Loman, a rather hard working man, might succeed his own American Dream in another career that he is capable of. Willy is not able to cope with the idea that both he and his son are not destined for greatness. And in his final act, he commits suicide, in an attempt to supply his son with the life insurance money. Or perhaps more importantly, to supply him with an opportunity to achieve the dream he never. Willy is an avid believer that greatness is derived from popularity and he instills these values into his family.

Death Of A Salesman Conflict Analysis

What would someone expect to be the outcome of a man who has given his passionate worship to the goddess of success sold out in the American promise of equality of opportunity for anyone to achieve the highest possible financial and material comfort? Such is the man, an aging father clinging on to the assurance of the reward of customer charming, who Arthur Miller depicts in his play, Death of a Salesman. A look into the character of Willy Loman reveals a disenchanted dreamer with an illusion, routinely vexed by his non-fulfilment, and once when confronted with the utter bankruptcy of his aspirations, cannot stand himself anymore. Ben had left for Alaska, a wilderness in Africa where he lucked into a lot of wealth by discovering a diamond mine.
Plays often have multiple subplots and sub-themes that can be difficult for an undiscerning eye to pick out, but I feel that I have honed my dramaturgical analysis. I really enjoyed this semester, and I have definitely improved as a playwright. I broadened my abilities as both a reader and a writer. My dialogue has developed further, becoming more varied and rich. I have also learned how to harness my creativity.

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