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Cell Phones and technology in general have been a huge topic on whether or not it should be allowed in school since the early s. It wasn't only meant for cell phones but it was always meant for pagers and walk mans. The reasons this was a huge topic cause teachers believed it was a distraction and used for drugs or gangs. As the 90s went on the more common cell phones got and the smaller and cheaper they got it was suddenly getting hard to control the cell phones in school. The year is when cell phones became a problem in school because now they were way more common and had more features to them.

?Should Cell Phones be allowed in School?

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Parents are trusting that their children are being given every opportunity to explore and learn with the time changes, With times changing rapidly, along with the world turning more and more to technology, children have to be taught at an early age how to use and technology. Which is the direction our world is heading in, relying more and more on our cellphones to think for us. In the classroom, students have to be intrigued and curious in what they are being taught, as well as how they are learning. Cell phones should be brought into the school curriculum to give students another way to explore new ways of learning with the convenience of mobile devices.

Should Cell Phones be Allowed in School Essay

Can you imagine your life without handheld devices? We use them every day, every minute for chatting, photographing, scrolling news, posting, playing, in other words, we are addictive. We are delightfully addicted. We are looking for LTE and 4G tariffs to use each and every free minute online.
T he New South Wales education minister has ordered a review into mobile phone use in schools. Rob Stokes said the review would look at the risks and rewards of social media and would ultimately decide whether to ban them in NSW schools. A Finnish education expert, Pasi Sahlberg, also recently said he believed mobile phone-related distraction was a main reason for Australia sliding down in Pisa rankings. Parents and teachers have similar concerns about cyberbullying and safety, as well as technology distracting from schoolwork.

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