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Despite the passage of time since this piece was written, his argument certainly has a number of strong points which one can clearly see in the modern era, yet it is not without its flaws. When considering modern events, it appears more likely that it is not precisely the use of the English language which. In his essay he quotes five passages, each from a different author, which embody the faults he is talking about. He lists dying metaphors, operators, pretentious diction, and meaningless words as things to look out for in your own writing and the writing of others

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Please join StudyMode to read the full document. He explains that the decline of the English language comes from a never ending cycle of foolish thoughts giving way to sloppy writing, which eventually leads to more foolish thoughts. Throughout his essay, Orwell connects with his readers by establishing his credibility, using emotional appeals, and providing logical evidence of how the English language is continuously declining and how writers could slow, and possibly stop, this process. His parallel structures also assist in straying away from repetition of ideas and a monotonous tone.

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As an instrument, language can be manipulated for various purposes. As Orwell will show, language can also manipulate those who use it unconsciously. He presents a list of corrupting habits that cause writers to think poorly and thus write poorly. The list includes unoriginal or mixed metaphors, pretentious diction, and abstract or meaningless language. When a person becomes lazy they allow their language to think for them.
Introduction Language is how, we as human beings, express ourselves, to instruct, inform, announce, entertain, socialise, converse, advise and many, many more functions. Language can be heard in conversations, on television, through the radio. It can also be seen in books, magazines or through the use of sign language.

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