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My first dog was named Toby, he was a very white, ball of fluff. He blended in with the shiny white crispy snow on December 25, On Sunday, December 25, , Toby was waiting at our house. We all got out of the car on that cold snowy day and walked on the slippery sidewalk. The snow was like a chilling carpet on the bottoms of our feet.

Descriptive Paragraph of My Dog

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A Golden Retriever is the right choice for a family to make when considering what kind of dog they want to become a part of their family because they have all the criteria that make up a perfect family pet. One of the most commonly known traits of a Golden Retriever is their unconditional love for their owners. All dogs are affectionate in their own ways. However, there is nothing quite like the love a Golden Retriever has to offer. No matter who the person is or how well the dog knows them, a Golden Retriever will undoubtedly show affection towards that person.

Descriptive Essay About A Dog

Walking over to the door she notices it is not locked and calls to her husband, "Mathew you have to remember to lock the doors at night, especially since that creep is on the loose. The little dog scampers off into her daughters bedroom to join her for another nap. The smell of burning bacon reaches Joni 's nose and she walks over to flip then again. We burst out into the bright midmorning light, and I trusted him to take us away. His muscles under my bare legs tensed and flexed as he ran to the woods over the ocean of grass.
That Friday after school, my mom and I decided to get some supplies for the possible new pet that would be joining the family. I treaded out to the car and waited for my mom. After a good 5 minutes of sitting in the heat, she finally got in the car. After band, my grandma picked me up to drive me to her house, and as I got in the car she surprised me with Roxy. Sensing my sadness Roxy gave me kisses and laid on my lap.

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