Should assault weapons be banned essay

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In: Social Issues. Politicians are always looking for new laws to impose on their people in order to combat the problem. Unfortunately, some of these laws are written by individuals who do not possess a thorough knowledge of the topic they are attempting to regulate. One example of these laws is the Federal Assault Weapons Ban that was in place from
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Assualt Weapon Ban

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Assualt Weapon Ban - Term Paper

I took honors classes most of my high school career, learning how to write a very specific type of essay, with strict structures and numerous restrictions. This class taught me how to write different types of papers, and put my personality into the paper. I am ready for English due to the skills that I acquired during this course. Congress should enforce stronger gun control law while others believe that banning assault weapons will not help reduce crimes. She argues that guns are an unnecessary evil to all of humanity and that permitting them to inexperienced and unregulated citizens only spoils the national security of the United States of America. Thus, she believes that anyone who wants to own a gun should.
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Should Assault Weapons Be Banned

School shootings, theater shootings, bank robberies. What is the common factor in all of these scenarios? Yes, but so are assault weapons. Mass homicides cannot happen without a powerful gun. However, can the public reasonably attribute mass murders to assault weapons?
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Some thinks guns should be banned, others who think new laws should be made to control the guns laws, and other who want to keep it the same. People think about many questions like how should they be controlled, who should have them, and how much control should the government have over them. Many people who want to have guns banned from the country started to worry about after Sandy Hook, Columbine, Orlando night club, and many more. Argument supported by haters of guns is that they should get rid of. Every year thousands of people are killed due to people misusing guns, but there are no laws that prevent children and young teenagers from getting a hold of guns themselves.

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