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Columbus and his intolerable actions clearly confirm that there should not be a national holiday that celebrates Columbus because all the things he has done upon his arrival to the New World shows why many people look down upon him. Instead of celebrating a greedy sailor who discovered a bunch of other things, other Europeans have found in the previous generations the United States should put the holiday to a much better use such as remembering the lives…. Columbus was a reckless animal, his desire was to adventure in a new land for money and glory. He should not be admired for killing, persecuting and enslaving the amount of people he did. Rather, the Europeans should take the honor and the title of their historic…. The European population felt that they knew the proper way of running a country and that when in charge they could make use of all the resources including the Natives.

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Many italian americans are proud of Christopher Columbus because of his italian background. But we do have to realize that he did not treat the indigenous people who were there first well at all. I feel we can like I said I think we should still acknowledge Christopher Columbus and how he civilized North America but we shouldn't give him a federal holiday because of the crimes against humanity that he. However, in other cases, he is thought of as the person who mistook the Americas as India and initiated the genocide of the Taino people.

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A hero? A villain? Most people think he is a hero, but many do not think of the things he did to people such as slavery, beatings, raping, etc.
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