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Contact forces are forces that act between two objects that are physically touching each other. Examples of contact forces include:. An object at rest on a surface experiences reaction force. For example, a book on a table.

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A reading of 'Neutral Tones'. The speaker reflects back to a particular moment in their life when they realised that the love had died between them and the person they were in a relationship with. They consider what this moment has meant to them since. The four stanzas of the poem are all written from an individual first-person perspective. Given the subject matter, the reader might expect the speaker to be bitter and resentful about what had happened in the past but as the title highlights, the speaker seems to be almost neutral about the experience they're describing. Underneath the surface, however, a sense of loss and regret is hinted at, which perhaps suggests that love is something which is difficult to remain neutral about.

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My ratio pages don't get much attention - not sure why since I think they're instructive and easy to use. They don't support the particular type of harder questions described in the post but I'll look to add something along those lines , but they do help understanding the concept of a ratio and it's utility. Thanks so much for your blog on ratio question types.
If you want to know more about that, click here. A little while back I released the Retrieval Roulette with the aim of helping people build a simple system to embed regular retrieval practice into their lessons. Since then, thanks to the amazing generosity of twitter and the CogSciSci group I have now been sent a bunch more for the different sciences and exam boards. Help yourself and please let me know if you have one you can send to me! The one that I use most often is this one, as it is just 5 questions so it suits what we are doing with lesson starts at the moment.

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